Commercial and Promo - Original Music

Hail, Caesar!

Animated Teaser - The Smalls Production Company, Universal Pictures


RADA Introduction

Corporate Promo Film - Big Tank Productions


Commercial, 13 Disciples Films


Promo Film - d. Stephanie Blakey

Film & Animation - Original Music

Pink & Blue - Full Film

(Weronika Tofilska, Helen Gladders)

WINNER Film4 Frightfest Shortcuts to Hell Competition,

BAFTA Stars of Tomorrow event


In this 'necromcom', a young woman's imagination gets the better of her whilst beautifying an attractive male corpse in a morgue. Original song and score by myself, featuring Agis Pyrlis on vocals. The director humbly claims that 'the film is 90% made by the song'!

What Happens After Six - Trailer

(Ewan Stewart, Daniel Negret)

Encounters Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival



Although she's been dead for six months, Martin's mother still watches his every move. It seems like he can't do anything right and his odd behaviour is getting worse. He just wants to get rid of her, but will a fish and a nutter like Michelle be the answer?

Suicide is Easy - Trailer

(Weronika Tofilska, Timo Suomi)



In a grey and cloudy world where everyone else is depressed, Joshua Kantor manages to stay happy, looking on the brighter side of life. He works for the Office of Suicide Prevention as a Suicide Watcher. When one day he finds himself the subject of a suicide watch, he discovers that proving his happiness is much more difficult than he thought.

My Stuffed Granny - Full Film

(Effie Pappa, Miranda Ballesteros)

Multiple award wins, International film festivals

Times are hard for little Sofía, as the Greek recession is taking its toll. With her Father out of work, they rely solely on Greedy Grumpy Granny´s pension. Desperate times call for desperate measures; to what extremes will they go, when Granny is no more?

Canuck Black - Trailer

(Rebecca Archer, Charlotte Campbell)

Shortlisted for BAFTA Nomination, 2015

Montreal World Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Festival


A mixed technique (stop-motion and paint-on-glass) animated murder mystery with an eloquent and engaging protagonist, Canuck Black questions animal liberation and how we determine our identity.

The Patient - Excerpt

(Weronika Tofilska)

BAFTA Starts of Tomorrow event


In this off-kilter comedy short, a man awakens in a strange hospital with no knowledge of who he is. As time drags by, he becomes increasingly confused and disillusioned as pieces of the jigsaw are thrust his way, and the apparent sad mundanity of his prior life begins to dawn on him. Is this awful woman visiting him really his wife..?


Original song by David Pearce


Guitarist - Performance

Ruth Keggin - 'Arrane Sooree'

(Vanessa Hutchinson - Bass, Eoghan O'Ceannabhain - Wooden Flute)


A traditional Manx Gaelic song from the acclaimed folk/roots singer Ruth Keggin's 2nd album 'Turrys'. The flute tune in the middle is an original of mine.

Ruth Keggin - 'The Road to Clady'

(Vanessa Hutchinson - Bass, Eoghan O'Ceannabhain - Voice)


A beautiful song/melody known both in Ireland and the Isle of Man, from Ruth Keggin's debut album 'Sheear', available from her site or on iTunes.

Nish As Rish - 'Bits and Bops'

(Vanessa Hutchinson - Bass, Ruth Keggin - Whistle, Anna Goldbeck-Wood - Fiddle, Karl Kramer - Bodhran and Mandolin)


An original tune by myself and Karl Kramer, for our group Nish As Rish

Ruth Keggin - 'Fin As Oshin'

(Vanessa Hutchinson - Bass, Tom Callister - Fiddle)


A traditional Manx Gaelic song from Ruth's album Sheear. Track recorded at the fabulous Watercolour Music, Ardgour, Scotland.

Video by Suttons Visions Media Production. All rights reserved.